Step by Step

What do you do to get inspirations?

I intentionally “erase” the ideas and thoughts that’s in my mind. Direct my attention to read up on artist like Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Alexy Brodovitch and so on… Through my reading and the videos that I’ve watched through Youtube, It’s rewarding to understand what their thoughts and feelings are.

Well I definitely must say we live in such modern times where every ounce of knowledge is nigh thee – at our fingertips. Technology has certainly bridged many gaps, including feeling what others who live on the other end of the world or even those who have gone on before us felt!!

Being a Jesus’ boy, I always believe that each one of us, we’re different and unique. I can’t be able to do what you do and vice versa. I decided to stay true to my heart, take the first step; jointly created Lifeisbeautiful with Mabel, Chirpy Smurf. It is still in the making but I just thought that I’d share this haha!! and not photographs all the time.

P.S my upcoming project starts from home. Perhaps I should name it Home..

Till then… L’Chayim

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THe reason i took kinda long to construct this post, I wanted to be inspired to head on to the direction which I’ve been chucking aside. I will not be revealing the course of direction lest i be constricted by it but… here’s some photos which was really backkkk-dated haha~~

And of course Mabes & I, we’re constructing this new webby 🙂

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Curtain Curtain

Mabes & I certainly had some curtain fun… We decided to try out something new, apart from the plain studio shots, we decided to have some fun by getting some curtain into the picture 🙂

 The rest of the description are at her blog

Shalom 🙂







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I miss that day – 1st April 2010

I was definitely dreaming after a bowl of Udon which was a stop-gap-measure for my sudden surge of hunger till breaky. Dreaming… Dreaming of that evening picnic about a year ago with my babe!! M 🙂 and so i ransack through my drive to uncover some of these photographs we took along our way to our destined picnic ground 😉 and of cos i miss my long hair and my bush hee~~

Sometimes a point and shoot does the trick!! Most of the photos were by Mabes 🙂

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are you dreaming a wedding

I was catchin’ up with J recently and his lady showed him a wedding photographed by Josh Goleman. In my opinion, I have never seen such simplicity and knotted feelings photographed. The ones i’ve came across were all so commercialised, missing the art of photography and the passion of the photographer!!

Photos from

More of the photos @

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random portraits

I did some random portraits of my brother and his friends a while ago. He needed some photographs of him and his friends from Radio Heatwave.

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Been a lill busy (plannin a lill surprise for Mabesy) and miraculously still; i browsed a bookstore and saw this pretty, cool publication – Dansk Magazine.

It’s spaciously cluttered with lotsa fashionable photographs!!

Photographs courtesy of DANSK Magazine.

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